Manga girl


9 animals


Puppy and Ducks


More cockatoo and dragonfly


Cockatoo and dragonfly

Inspired by the art of Mo Willems  

Simple farmer


Wizard boy and cat

In watercolor  

Wizard boy and cat

Vector art  


Fashion design


The Ethics of Dragon Slaying

Illustrated a very fun, awesome and funny book written by Andrew Reddin some time back! You can hear a reading of the story here:

From pencil to screen

Here is a little excerpt of a project I did for the National University of Singapore


Custom cards

Little Kung Fu Girl

Gingerbread Baker

Castle in clouds

I had fun with this… Watercolor and ink again! My client specially requested for these Asian- inspired clouds.

Carousel Horse

Experimenting with different color schemes…

North and South

Another one inspired by The Little Prince planets. A tad sadistic, I’m sorry.

A Bug’s Life

An old work inspired by The Little Prince planets.

Animals S-Z

Animals J-R

Animals A-I

For my little girl’s nursery

Reading Devil (in color)

Reading Devil

Working in yet another style today. Inspired by Maurice Sendak.

Flowers in her Hair

In the style of Sujean Rim

Father n Son

So far yet so close.

Daddy Love

A sheep makes a woolly t-shirt for his little one. You can customize your own t-shirt design!

Winter Love

A sheep makes a woolly sweater for his sweetheart.

Spring Love

A sheep makes a wooly dress for his sweetheart.

Nil sine labore

Another variation of the evergreen birthday card for an organisation carrying this unique motto. Nothing without labor indeed!:)

No Candles

Birthday card for a newborn?

So Many Candles

Eternal flame…

Welcome to My World

Customised card based on the Koko birds of Guam.

Carabao Cha Cha

Customised card based on the wildlife of Guam.

Carabao Christmas

Customised card based on the wildlife of Guam.




Cinder Rella

Heart Beat

Happily Ever After

Happily Ever Before

Sparks Fly

Hearty love

Valentine’s card idea…

Welcome to the family!

Another customised card sans the corporate logo.


A sheep rises to greet the dawn.

Lazy River

A sleepy sheep dozes under a weeping willow while the bluebells nod along.

Over the rainbow

A little sheep swings high to touch a dreamy rainbow.